[tog] Tog Activities in November/#Makevember

Jeffrey Roe tdr112 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 1 20:21:00 CET 2019

Hello all

It’s now November which means the start of #Makevember. #Makevember is
the making version of #Inktober, the idea is to challenge yourself to
make something, if possible, every day in November and share your
progress with your friends on social media. We love the idea to push
yourself just to try your hand at making every day this month. You can
make stuff at home or pop along to one of our events to get your
making in action.

Below is a summary of what’s happening in Tog this November:

Science Week: Lightning Talks
A night of 6 short talks on a range of topics.  Wednesday 14th of November

Electronics and Micro Controller Night: Learn how to make Arduinos and
Raspberry Pis do cool and interesting things, or try our introductions
to electronics worksheet. We don’t have spare laptops, so bring your
Monday 4th and Monday 18th November, 7 pm to 9 pm

Wikipedia Editing: On Monday 4th of November from 7 pm, you can learn
how to add your knowledge to the world’s largest open collaborative
project, by becoming a Wikipedia editor. Everyone welcome and no prior
experience is necessary. There is pizza

Lock Picking: We have a huge variety of padlocks liberated from the
Halfpenny Bridge, we’ll show you how to open them. We also have more
esoteric locks, handcuffs, practice locks, and the tools and know-how
to pick them. Mondays, on the 11th and 25th November, from 7 to 9 pm

Coding: Come into Tog and work on a project, or help others with
theirs. Laptop of your own pretty much essential, and bring your own
project. We provide the space and the wifi, and some expertise.
Mondays, on the 11th and 25th November, from 7 to 9 pm

CAD Night: Bring a project for the 3D printing machine (Prusa Mk 3) or
our Lasersaur laser cutter, Krzysztof and Louise will show you how to
solidify your ideas in plastic. Or wood. Every other Wednesday,
November 13th, November 27th, from 7 pm to 9 pm, bring your own

Open Social: This month, the open social is on Saturday 16th November
at 7pm. Pizza, beer, conversation, games, starts early evening and,
like the best parties, doesn’t end until the last person leaves

Craft Night: We have a profusion of materials and machines to cater
for crafters and makers from novice to expert. Try your hand at
embroidery, knitting, sewing, screen printing, woodwork, crochet,
whatever takes your fancy. Our newest acquisition is a leather sewing
machine – that’s a machine for sewing leather – which should be up and
running soon. Same night as CAD night, Wednesday, November 13th and
November 27th, 7 pm to 9 pm.

The Science Fiction Book Club: We are all interested in the Future,
and every month the Science Fiction Book Club argues about what we are
going to read next. But before that, we argue about what we have
already read, and this month we are reading the Kassa Gambit by M. C.
Planck. Lemon Cake is available. Wednesday, November 27th,

Jeffrey Roe,

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