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Initiatives such as the Repair Café, show that there is an appetite by the
public, to be able to repair their goods, rather than throw them away.

However, many companies are making it more difficult to repair, instead
manufacturing products which are designed to keep the user out:

Phone batteries can’t be removed

Car’s software can only be repaired by the dealer

MacBook keyboards can be laid low by a speck of dust

Schematic and repair manuals are restricted

Software source code is hidden

There is a growing movement around the planet for the right to repair. The
right to repair movement has sponsored legislation in 18 states of the
United States of America.

Strong right to repair legislation will contribute to:

An increase in the life of products

A reduction in the cost of repair

A reduction in waste

A reduction in the cost of products

A reduction in pollution

A Right to Repair Campaign meeting will take place on Wednesday 19th
September at 20:00 In the Teacher’s Club 36 Parnell Square West, Dublin 1

The aims of this campaign are:

1. Write a right to repair bill

2. Present it to TD’s and Senators

3. Get it through the Houses of the Oireachtas

4. Establish a culture of repair in Ireland

If you are interested in helping with this Please come along to the

Any suggestions for other groups, who would be interested in participating
in right to repair, would be welcome.

You can contact me on

Tel: +353(0)878289243,

Email righttorepairireland at gmail.com

Facebook: https://fb.me/RightToRepairIreland

The details of the event can be found at

If you cant attend in person, you can Attend online at
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