[tog] Advice re: lead and air quality?

Robert Lawson Robert at robertlawson.net
Thu Jan 18 12:17:45 CET 2018

I thought Tog might be able to answer this..

I'm considering buying an early 20th century terrace home. However, it is
in need of a lot of work - in particular, I am assuming it has lead paint,
and there's a good deal of brick spalling (crumbling). When you put these
things together I'm pretty concerned about lead concentrations in air.

I can find plenty of resources for testing surfaces for lead, but does
anyone here have recommendations for measuring lead levels in the air? I'd
be interested in techniques to do it myself, or companies in Dublin that
can do it. I plan to get as much as possible removed professionally, but
ideally I could measure it continuously so I could keep an eye on it during
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