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Tue Mar 21 09:13:34 CET 2017

Happy Tuesday
Hope you had a good Paddy's Day,

*Events @ TOG*

Tuesday 21st, 7.30, *Lock Picking Night*
Wednesday 22nd, 7pm, *Craft Night*
Monday 27th, 7pm

*CAD and Electronics NightHelp promote TOG?*

*Reddit user?*
Go to https://www.reddit.com/r/Tog_Hackerspace/, subscribe and up-vote some
posts, maybe post a few things.

*Twitter user?  *Go to www.twitter.com/tog_dublin and follow it. On your
phone, add TOG to favorites, so you get a notification when we tweet,
favorite the tweets/retweet them.

*Facebook user? *Go to https://www.facebook.com/togdublin/ and like the
page, click follow so you get notified when the page has a post and like,
comment on or share the posts.

*Quack Quack QuackQuaaack Quaaack QuaaackQuack Quack Quack*

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