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Stephen Church imes.stephen at gmail.com
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Interesting project. Does the pmbus currently supply all the values and control you want or are you talking about building additional interfaces to monitor ? Also making it wifi or gsm enabled should just be a shield and some simple enough commands id imagine. Would probably consider building in a 2 line serial lcd and a 4/5 button interface on an enclosure for config and standalone value readings. 

Stephen Church
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> On 7 Feb 2016, at 00:07, Seamus Devitt <seamusdevitt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi, I recently visited Tog on your open party night, and enjoyed the atmosphere.
> I have a project that I'm interested in and wonder if it might be of interest to anyone?
> Internet Enabling of PMbus Power Supply:
> I want to internet enable a commercial power supply, and remotely monitor and control the power supply over an online connection.
> The power supply is a multiple output and configurable ACDC converter, and has a PMbus port for digital control.  (PMbus is similar to SMbus, which is a derivative of an I2C interface).  
> I'd like to use an Arduino, and have the Arduino interface with the PMbus and provide a straight through link to an online application via an ethernet connection.
> The online application would allow us to send and receive messages directly to and from the power supply. Later, I'd want to build a GUI to smarten up the control and monitoring functionality.
> Later still, I'd like to use a wireless online connection that would use either WiFi or Cellular for the online connection.
> Anyone interested, please contact me on (086)8363014 or at seamusdevitt at gmail.com
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