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Seamus Devitt seamusdevitt at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 01:07:51 CET 2016

Hi, I recently visited Tog on your open party night, and enjoyed the

I have a project that I'm interested in and wonder if it might be of
interest to anyone?

Internet Enabling of PMbus Power Supply:

I want to internet enable a commercial power supply, and remotely monitor
and control the power supply over an online connection.

The power supply is a multiple output and configurable ACDC converter, and
has a PMbus port for digital control.  (PMbus is similar to SMbus, which is
a derivative of an I2C interface).

I'd like to use an Arduino, and have the Arduino interface with the PMbus
and provide a straight through link to an online application via an
ethernet connection.

The online application would allow us to send and receive messages directly
to and from the power supply. Later, I'd want to build a GUI to smarten up
the control and monitoring functionality.

Later still, I'd like to use a wireless online connection that would use
either WiFi or Cellular for the online connection.

Anyone interested, please contact me on (086)8363014 or at
seamusdevitt at gmail.com
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