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On 2016/08/18 15:16, Paul Mc Quade via tog wrote:
> I was wondering could we have a night based on pentest tools and techniques.
> The internet is growing fast and there are more threats surfacing each day.
> Information gathering tools are easy now like "Datasploit" and "Recon-ng". 
> ​We should show how to defend networks from attacks and stop social
> engineering. Kali Linux and its tools make attacks a lot easier.
> I hope to get more people interested in infosec and pentesting.
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> Paul McQuade
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You might find a more infosec enthusiastic audience there. Also it's
mostly TOG/ex-TOG people :D

I think if you want to get a night going in TOG then you need something
more specific. You've mentioned offence, defence and social attacks.

Maybe pick a topic from one of these and say you'll be in TOG to discuss /
practise it on that night if anyone wants to join you.


 "I'll be in TOG on $day and I will be taking a crack at this, basically,
 free OSCP style environment. https://lab.pentestit.ru/"

Another night you could pick the topic of open source web application
firewalls like mod_security and discuss how to implement them. You can
mix in showing an attack and then using mod_security to block it. Maybe
the end goal of erecting a defence layer in front of say a Wordpress

I did a mod_security workshop a few years back showing common attacks on
web servers and blocking them with mod_security. I then showed how you
can use mod_security to detect an attackers IP address and inject the
BeEF Javascript hook to try and exploit the attackers browser for, eh,
reconnaissance.... :)

Another night you can tell people that if they come to TOG they can give
you their email password and you'll let them know if it's secure or not.

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