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philb at mobius.ie philb at mobius.ie
Fri Oct 9 18:57:14 CEST 2015

Hi all,

I'm involved with a Coder Dojo based out of St. Mary's College in
Rathmines. We ran our first dojo on a weekly basis from January this
year until the summer break in June and we're now looking to reconvene
in the coming weeks. We would love to expand our pool of mentors and
that's where TOGers come in. If you're interested in getting involved,
please feel free to drop me a line.

I'll try to pre-empt some of the questions you might have but of course,
you're always welcome to ask about anything that I've missed out.

- The dojo is located in a classroom in St Mary's college in Rathmines
who kindly made the space available to us at no cost

- There's no charge to the students, we run a ticketing system through
eventbrite but in reality, we'd only turn an unticketed person away if
we were definitively unable to accommodate them (space or lack of

- In the past, we ran the sessions every Saturday from 2:00 until 4:00
and we will aim to continue with this time since it suited a lot of the
attendees quite well. 

- Mentors come from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages, some are
software/IT professionals, some are teaching professionals and some are
just generally interested in contributing. 

- You will need to fill in a Garda vetting form before you can attend

- The attendees are generally in the 8 - 14 age range. With this kind of
range, it's obviously not a typical classroom environment, nor is it
meant to be. The job of the mentors is to interact on an informal basis
with the attendees; help them find answers, give them ideas etc. They're
not following any kind of formal curriculum. Having said that, we do
have resources to distribute to them so that they're not totally on
their own.

- A lot of the emphasis has been on programming in Scratch in the past
with some of the more keen attendees trying out Unity3d. Some of them
also just hammer away at code academy. 

- I intend to produce some learning trails on Greenfoot since this
involves a more achievable progression from Scratch. If you have any
particular interests that you'd like to bring to the group you're quite
welcome to do so (robotics, electronics, sensors etc)

- We can run a bootcamp on Scratch and Greenfoot for anyone who feels
that they need it. 

Ok, I think that's it. Hope to hear from you. 


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