[tog] Buildroot Developer Meeting in Dublin, October 3-4

Arnout Vandecappelle arnout at mind.be
Fri Jul 3 18:06:06 CEST 2015

 Hello TOGgers,

 I'm one of the developers of Buildroot [1], a project that makes it easy to
build an embedded Linux system. It is used by a few companies and by hackers to
do fun stuff with their beaglebones, raspberry-Pi's and the like.

 We organize face-to-face meetings twice a year, in connection with FOSDEM in
Brussels and ELC-E (Embedded Linux Conference Europe). Roughly 10-15 people
attend these meetings. This year's ELC-E takes place in Dublin from October 5 to
7, so we'll have our meeting the week-end before, October 3 and 4.

 For this meeting, we're looking for a location. We have a little money (from a
GSoC project and from corporate sponsorship) so we can book a meeting room in a
hotel. However, we much prefer to use a hackerspace where possible because it's
more fun, and it's less of a problem to stay late in the evening, and Internet
at hotels often sucks badly.

 So here's the million euro question: could we have our meeting at TOG?

 What we need:

- Space for 15 people to sit with their laptop in front of them.

- Open internet connection (no blocking git ports please :-), wired or wireless.

- A few power outlets (we can bring some power strips, which is more convenient
than carrying dozens of adapters, but if we connect everything to a single
socket, something's going to fry...).

 What we can offer:

 Well, to be honest, the meeting is probably pretty boring for the casual
onlooker. We're really working on the infrastructure, so we're not actually
doing all the cool stuff with beaglebones etc. We'll mostly discuss, test,
review and apply patches.

 Hopefully we hear from you soon!


[1] http://buildroot.org/

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