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Mon Aug 31 12:52:03 CEST 2015

Hi Conor,

I strongly recommend against freelancer style sites, you'll always get
outbid by someone who can operate in a lower cost economy plus the type
of work is very likely to lead to constant refinements etc. so you'll
either end up doing weeks of work for what should have been a weekend
job or leaving a customer dissatisfied because they didn't get 10 man
days of work for the €300 they were offering.

My advice is to spruce up your CV, especially with examples of work that
you have done, and send this to web design companies, explaining what
you're looking for. There are plenty of places that would appreciate
having the ability to pass some of their overflow work to someone
reliable and dealing with a web agency is infinitely preferable to
dealing with the end customer.


On Sun, 23 Aug 2015, at 20:21, Conor O'Neill wrote:
> Hi, I am looking to do some freelance web dev to tide me over during
> my final year of college. Does anyone know of anywhere to source this
> kind of work in Ireland? I have tried some of the big ones(Eg.
> Freelancer) and it just seems like you will always be outbid for a
> smaller price or if you actually manage to get a project your earnings
> won't be worth your time. Are there any Irish freelancing agencies or
> websites?
> Thanks, Conor
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