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Firstly thanks for all the replies.
My budget would be no more than 4,000.  I was not actually planning to sell
power back to the grid I have heard of this system but it sounds like a lot
of trouble.

I agree insulation is a better option and already have that, but this has
more of a "nerd value" more interested in doing it and it might save some
money but also might be able to help other people do it.

Thanks for all the links I will send a report back in about 2 weeks or so
with my findings.

On 16 April 2015 at 09:31, Daniel Cussen <dan at post.com> wrote:

> I have worked with wind, solar and diesel generation systems.
> You have not really stated your aims or objectives. Also a budget
> would be helpful.
> If you aim is to save money insulation and energy reduction is
> probably a much better value proposition.
> One key metric is how many years until it breaks even, and what is the
> life of the system. If you cannot calculate that then you are not
> basing your decisions on facts but marketing bull.
> In my opinion most home scale wind is not great quality, can be noisy,
> and as said would have safety/insurance problems. Any wind system I
> have seen has broken and been fixed a few times. If it is high up that
> means cranes or a tilt over system.
> Batteries are very expensive and not a good idea when mains
> electricity is available. The numbers just do not stack up.
> Solar Electric (PV) panels are very low maintenance but they are very
> expensive initially and don't give out much energy to power anything
> substantial. they would be fine for say LED lighting, TV, but they
> won't ever power water heating, washing machine, kettle. A 50W panel
> would give out something like 10W during daytime on an average Irish
> day. That said is there anyone home during daytime, and what is your
> energy draw during the middle of the day?
> One system I saw installed, was a small wind turbine that connected
> directly to a the electricity wiring in the home. This used no
> batteries and had it's own inverter. Basically while the wind blew it
> helped reduce you electricity bill. It needed no batteries and was
> fairly self contained. However putting up a pole, turbine and
> connecting it to your fuse board is still a big job.
> The SEAI is the independent government body that gives advice, and
> real world numbers for these systems, but for a start what is the
> energy rating of your home?
> http://www.seai.ie/Renewables/Renewable_Energy_for_the_Homeowner/
> Grants, subsidy and hype are a big part of the industry.
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