[tog] UPS for my House / Off Grid System

Daniel Cussen dan at post.com
Thu Apr 16 10:31:27 CEST 2015

I have worked with wind, solar and diesel generation systems.

You have not really stated your aims or objectives. Also a budget
would be helpful.

If you aim is to save money insulation and energy reduction is
probably a much better value proposition.

One key metric is how many years until it breaks even, and what is the
life of the system. If you cannot calculate that then you are not
basing your decisions on facts but marketing bull.

In my opinion most home scale wind is not great quality, can be noisy,
and as said would have safety/insurance problems. Any wind system I
have seen has broken and been fixed a few times. If it is high up that
means cranes or a tilt over system.

Batteries are very expensive and not a good idea when mains
electricity is available. The numbers just do not stack up.

Solar Electric (PV) panels are very low maintenance but they are very
expensive initially and don't give out much energy to power anything
substantial. they would be fine for say LED lighting, TV, but they
won't ever power water heating, washing machine, kettle. A 50W panel
would give out something like 10W during daytime on an average Irish
day. That said is there anyone home during daytime, and what is your
energy draw during the middle of the day?

One system I saw installed, was a small wind turbine that connected
directly to a the electricity wiring in the home. This used no
batteries and had it's own inverter. Basically while the wind blew it
helped reduce you electricity bill. It needed no batteries and was
fairly self contained. However putting up a pole, turbine and
connecting it to your fuse board is still a big job.

The SEAI is the independent government body that gives advice, and
real world numbers for these systems, but for a start what is the
energy rating of your home?

Grants, subsidy and hype are a big part of the industry.

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