[tog] posture sensors

Daniel Cussen dan at post.com
Wed Apr 8 12:53:54 CEST 2015

> however, they usually do not consider the "angle".
> correct me if i'm wrong. maybe i'd only need to hack one of them to add
> the angle detection. i'd love to know whether any of you has a more
> precise idea than mine on how to achieve this :) or wants to help ;p

I think you mean an inclinometer. This is like a digital spirit level.
It can tell if your say arm is  level or tilted up at 45 degrees. I am
not sure how it would work on a body but here is one a came across a
few months ago. It is used to determine the angle of a directional
aerial with respect to horizontal or vertical.


There are also sensors used by mobile phones to flip the screen when
you tilt it. These are tiny chips but apparently they are mechanical
and something physically moves or falls inside to tell the phone to
flip the screen. If you have a smartphone you will be aware they don't
always work reliably and sometimes need a shake!

There is also the old fashioned tilt switches which are just a switch
based on gravity. Some close the contact when the are a certain way

All these gravity and so you are measuring compared to the ground, not
really the position of the joint. You would need a sensor on each limb
to know the relative position.

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