[tog] Hello and Help

Seth sethasaurus at gmail.com
Sat Nov 29 16:57:56 CET 2014

Hello folks,

I have a couple of sprockets I need to modify for my old bike. If anyone 
can help me with some lathe work, I would appreciate it. I did use a 
metal lathe briefly at school (many moons ago), so I have a fair idea of 
lathe operation.

I am planning to come along to the lockpicking night so that I can meet 
a few people and apply for membership.

I have done website design, photography and worked as an 
electronics/computer tech, made wedding dresses, rebuilt car/motorbike 
engines and am even a fairly good cook (my latest distraction is vintage 
My recent projects have been restoration of vintage cameras (1890s to 
1950 models) and photography . I have done some custom mods and 
rebuilding of electric bass and guitars and worked on all kinds of audio 
gear (vacuum tubes & transistors).
Coming from NZ, I tend to be the kind who will try and keep anything old 
or broken working when most people would have thrown it out! Sometimes 
that means making new components or modifying old ones to do the job.
Hopefully I can contribute something useful to the group too. Will look 
forward to meeting people on Tuesday (2nd)


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