[tog] Torrent Security

Sun Jun 30 14:53:55 IST 2013

Hi Toggers, as you are aware the Military Industrial Complex is in the first steps of controlling the Internet, with SOPA etc.

The  big Irish ISP’s are now blocking certain torrent sites, mostly open  trackers that they can track, from the start I have never used these  public trackers, for many reasons such as advertisements and hidden  links etc.

I have at the moment 24 free Invites for these private trackers the only way to get on these sites is with an invite? 

These  sites are community based and have no advertisements, you will need to  keep a Ratio of at least 1:1, but you do get a initial download  allowance of around 2GB, (you will be able to max out your internet connection of the sites so if you have 100mbt upc you will be able to get 100mbt speed on 90% of torrents.

If  you cannot keep a good ratio for various reasons ( Please read the  Rules of said site), I will provide at cost price upload ratio to keep  you going at 10 euro per Terabyte, that means you will have 1000  gigabytes of download allowance but you will still need to seed torrents  for 72 hours after download, weather you actually upload anything or not.

There  are 5 invites for the general site (HTTPS) and 19 invites for the HD  site (NON HTTPS), first come first serve, Please PM me with your e-mail  address.

There  is a service called BT Guard which will encrypt your downloads/uploads  with upto 2084bit security so your ISP cannot see what you are downloading  and they cannot traffic shape your connection.

Disclaimer:   White torrent sites may have copyrighted material for download I only  download non copyrighted material, and I’d advise anyone taking an  invite to do the same.


Robert K

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