[tog] 1TB RAID 1 Array !!! Help Needed

Schrodinger schrodinger at konundrum.org
Mon Jun 24 21:08:03 IST 2013

Hello Robert,

On 2013/06/24 12:30, ROBERT KEOGH wrote:
> Hi all,  I have some questions regarding RAID Arrays could someone please help
> me?
> 1.    I have a 1TB Hard Drive with HD Video on it, I was wondering if I can
> make a raid 1 array with just one more empty 1TB drive, what im asking really
> is can I sep-up the array without 2 empty drives.
> Can I use the disk i have with the HD Video as DISK1 and an empty drive as
> DISK2 and let the HD Video copy over to the new drive and still be a proper

What operating system and file system are you using?

The answer might still be no but you could be able to setup a RAID-1
with the single spare 1TB disk. Then copy data from the disk with the
actual data over to the new single disk RAID-1 array.

Once that's complete you just add the old disk into the RAID-1 array
making your RAID-1 have two disks.

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