[tog] Introducing myself (Alex)

Takao K taka21306 at outlook.com
Wed Jun 12 15:16:34 IST 2013

Hi, I'd like to introduce myself to TOG Dublin.
I have so far visited the Hackerspace on two evenings.

There have been regular events on Monday on Tuesday however,
I have been occupied assembling a robot kit.

Also I maintain various electronics projects which in the past always have been
a bit a problem to realize at home because they require a lot of space.

I have equipment to offer/donate (or at least to make available for a while) as well.

Before writing a long post here, I made a web page on my domain with some information!
I have today filled out all pages but this webpage is by no means completed.
There is a wordpress blog which I'd use to documentate actual activity, SNS links,
as well some kind of "About me" page.

If you have any feedback please reply to the list (I have not seen many self introduction posts actually),
or contact me via SNS. My mail is taka21306 at outlook.com
However if I receive cryptic one-liners from people with request, I can become irritated.
Don't write such cryptic mails especially if you don't know me in person, pls.

I am mainly into electronics, not only microcontrollers, but also I understand most electrical or electronic circuit, or at least,
it might be interesting for me in some kind.

If you'd like to work together with me on a project or have an idea, or want my opinion/feedback, feel free to contact me.

My english name is Alex, and Takao is actually taken from Beyblade cartoon animation (it's my japanese name).

All the best, and I hope to meet some of you and get along with you well.
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