[tog] MongoDB Meet-Ups in Engineyard - interested?

Mark Hillick markhillick at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 12:01:20 GMT 2012

Hi Folks,

Jayester suggested that there might be some folk in TOG interested in
coming along to the MongoDB meet-ups that we've been running over the last
6 months in Engineyard, on Barrow Street.

The next one is being held on Thursday, December 6th, at around 6:30pm with
presentations usually beginning at 7pm. There will be *pizza* and
*beer*available also.

Cian Clarke will be presenting on how Feed Henry uses MongoDB and someone
from 10gen will be presenting. Based on the poll, it looks like the topic
will be data schema.

   - Meet-up site for signing up - http://www.meetup.com/DublinMUG/

   - MUG #4 - http://www.meetup.com/DublinMUG/events/88205722/

For those that don't know what MongoDB is -  it is an open-source,
document-oriented database designed with both scalability and developer
agility in mind. It is written in C++ and data is stored in JSON-like
documents with dynamic schemas as opposed to in relational databases where
the data is stored in tables and rows.  There are currently two free,
online training (developer and DBA courses) -
**http://education.10gen.comand MongoDB can be downloaded from
 here <http://www.mongodb.org/downloads>. Additionally, there are
 available for a multitude of languages.

Hopefully this isn't spamming the list :)



Mark Hillick
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