[tog] Christmas present suggestions for a handyman

Michael Kennedy Info at KennedySoftware.ie
Wed Nov 21 18:19:30 GMT 2012


Arduino-based project(s)?

Cheap/simple to start, little space, a bit of basic soldering, a bit of 
simple software, few basic tools needed, leading up to controlling the 
entire house/estate/continent ;-)

   - Mike

PS: Does Dad read these Tog posts? !!

On 21/11/2012 17:25, kevin nally wrote:
> Dear Tog
> It's christmas time and I need help finding a good present for my Dad. I
> have not been great in the past and so I am deciding to crowd-source
> ideas for a decent present.
> This year I would like to get him a project that he could work on and
> get some genuine satisfaction out of rather than a default 20euro dvd
> from HMV which is why I am contacting TOG! The creative engineering
> hivemind! My dad is a bit of a handyman and in his youth was a
> technician for eircom so I think he would blend in quite easily with the
> Tog mentality. Today he is a consultant project manager but still enjoys
> using his hands-on skills when he can. This is evidenced by the digital
> amphitheatre that is our TV room. He rarely gets to talk about his
> technical skills at home so a project present might give him the
> oppurtunity to do that.  I think it would be new territory in terms of
> present giving but I'd much rather take the risk than give a lame
> unthoughtful present.  One quick warning though is that my dad is very
> busy in general with work so anything that requires very long intensive
> periods of time may turn him off
> So, TOG elves can you please help? I'd really appreciate some
> suggestions for presents. Things you wish you could get your hands on or
> past presents that you really enjoyed. Maybe even some suggestions of
> presents NOT to get :D This email may even help some other people out
> there looking for ideas for presents.
> Thanks for taking the time to read this and I apologise for those that
> see this as spam.
> Merry Christmas all!
> Kev
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