[tog] Second BSP in Dublin + Ireland DUG announcement

Martin Naughton blades2000 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 11:57:48 GMT 2012

If i was not going n holidays today i would of been there.

Do you get many java developers at these events?

I will try out the bug fixong when i get back. The tutorial is great

On 3 Nov 2012 10:43, "Martín Ferrari" <tincho at debian.org> wrote:

A bit late, but this is just a reminder that the Debian BSP is happening
If you plan to attend, please register yourself in the
wikipage (http://wiki.debian.org/BSP/2012/11/ie/Dublin). You might be
refused entrance by Google security if I don't have your name the day

We will be starting at 11:00, in the Google building at Upper Grand Canal

Some info from last time:

If you're completely new to bug fixing in Debian, you might want to
read these to get an idea:


Finally, some people have asked me about the environment necessary for
this. You don't need to be running debian, but you will need an
installation of Debian unstable in a chroot or a virtual machine
(http://wiki.debian.org/Debootstrap explains how to install in a
chroot). A pbuilder/cowbuilder for testing and unstable would be very
useful too. Contact me if you need help setting this up.

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