[tog] 29c3 tickets

Daniel Cussen dan at post.com
Mon Nov 5 02:55:06 GMT 2012

I am definitely going. I am going to book flights in the next few days.

For those wondering what this conference is all about see more info here:


If anyone else is going let me know and we can try to get same flights and

Any recommendations for accomodation would be welcome. Send straight to me
to save spamming this list


On Sunday, 4 November 2012, Justin Kelly <justinkelly at justinkelly.net>
> https://presale.events.ccc.de/tickets/
> Hi All,
> You can now preorder your tickets for the 29c3 in Hamburg. The following
is copied from the order page. You can also order hoodies and t-shirts off
the site but I haven't seen any pictures of them yet.
> JK
> Payment information
> Thanks for your preorder. Please transfer the total amount (see right) to:
> Chaos Computer Club Veranstaltungsgesellschaft mbH
> Institut: Postbank Berlin
> Kto: 17695105
> BLZ: 10010010
> IBAN: DE05100100100017695105
> Reference: 29C3-b91174988b
> please pay via bank transfer if possible. if you need to use your credit
card, we'll charge additional fees of 7.5% + 7.50 EUR per transaction.
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