[tog] Visiting from Tx/Rx Labs, Houston, March 29-30

Chebe Geek chebegeek at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 15:58:23 GMT 2012

Oh woah! That would be amazing, thank you! Yep, KillerBee is my goal. I
take it you've done it before? Tell me all! I'm a bit busy with the
work/college thing, so will probably only be able to make it Friday.
(*trying to remember what I've forgotten*) It won't take more than a couple
of hours will it? As far as I know I've all the software ready to go...
(Also, BaconZombie might be interested in getting his done as well...) But,
we can talk more in person :) I may be biased, but, best visitor ever.

> chebe
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