[tog] Visiting from Tx/Rx Labs, Houston, March 29-30

Jeffrey Roe tdr112 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 08:15:49 GMT 2012

Hello Barrett,
We have no planned events on those two nights. I am happy to meet up on
Friday evening show you the space and hang out .

Jeffrey Roe
On 22 Mar 2012 05:22, "Barrett Canon" <bcanon at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello all!
> I'll be in Dublin next Thursday and Friday (March 29th-30th) and was
> hoping to stop by the space to say hi and gleen some new knowledge.
> I'm flying solo until Saturday morning, so I'm completely flexible as
> to the time/day.  As far as introductions go, I have a
> development/infosec background and harbor a fascination for anything
> with a microcontroller in it.  I co-host a weekly live tech radio show
> here in Texas (rebroadcast in CA) called Technology Bytes and do some
> work with our local hackerspace, Tx/Rx Labs, as well as the local
> Linux users group and #wireless on freenode.net.  If you don't wish to
> become engaged in an empassionate conversation with me, it's best to
> avoid the following topics: blinky lights, VHDL, *duino,
> quadrotors/UAVs, *nix, ZigBee, hot air rework, OBD-II, old Vespas and
> beer.
> If there's anything small I can bring along (hacked Defcon badges,
> Ubertooth One, Ardupilot, Bus Pirate, Null Space Labs stuff), let me
> know.  I'll even mule out Sparkfun, MakerShed and Adafruit gear upon
> request for those looking to dodge international shipping charges.
> Cheers!
>  Barrett
> http://www.txrxlabs.org/
> http://www.geekradio.com/
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