[tog] Visiting from Tx/Rx Labs, Houston, March 29-30

Barrett Canon bcanon at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 05:21:17 GMT 2012

Hello all!

I'll be in Dublin next Thursday and Friday (March 29th-30th) and was
hoping to stop by the space to say hi and gleen some new knowledge.
I'm flying solo until Saturday morning, so I'm completely flexible as
to the time/day.  As far as introductions go, I have a
development/infosec background and harbor a fascination for anything
with a microcontroller in it.  I co-host a weekly live tech radio show
here in Texas (rebroadcast in CA) called Technology Bytes and do some
work with our local hackerspace, Tx/Rx Labs, as well as the local
Linux users group and #wireless on freenode.net.  If you don't wish to
become engaged in an empassionate conversation with me, it's best to
avoid the following topics: blinky lights, VHDL, *duino,
quadrotors/UAVs, *nix, ZigBee, hot air rework, OBD-II, old Vespas and

If there's anything small I can bring along (hacked Defcon badges,
Ubertooth One, Ardupilot, Bus Pirate, Null Space Labs stuff), let me
know.  I'll even mule out Sparkfun, MakerShed and Adafruit gear upon
request for those looking to dodge international shipping charges.




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