[tog] Precision cutting of hard drive platter

Conrad Lee conradlee at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 10:37:37 GMT 2012

I'm interested in performing a simple experiment to measure the speed of
light.  This experiment involves a spinning disk with evenly-spaced notches
cut into the perimeter, through which a laser is shined.[1]

The disk needs to spin at very high speeds.  I think a fast hard drive
would be quick enough (10k or 15k rpm).  So I need to cut rather small
notches (on the order of a couple mm) into the perimeter of a hard drive.
 They should be evenly spaced, with the notched out parts the same size as
the cut out chunks.

I hear that tog has some precision cutters.  Would they be able to make
clean cuts into a hard disk platter at about this size?


Conrad Lee

[1] You can see the idea behind the experiment in this video at the five
minute mark:
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