[tog] Google Groups

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Sat Mar 17 16:55:24 GMT 2012

Just to chime in, I've never had a problem with using the mailing list 
using my email client (Thunderbird) on my own email server.

Like Schro, I would not be happy if TOG mailing list required a google 
account. I believe, unlike even Facebook, a Google account would require 
hosting it outside the EU Data Protection Laws.

On 17/03/12 12:12, Sean Nicholls wrote:
> Guys,
> Am I really the only one banging his head off the current mailing
> list format?
> * It's not easily searchable
> * I feel like I'm missing out on some discussions until after they've
> happened
> * Maybe I'm just thick as mud but replying to individual threads is
> not easy; I have to manually copy&  paste the subject, sender and
> list addresses and hope that it all goes well. Just look at the
> Mobile App thread, it ended up putting replies at the root for
> apparently no reason.
> * the current web interface leaves a lot to be desired
> I've noticed that 091 Labs, Nexus Cork and Limerick Hackerspaces all
> use Google Groups. Is there any particular reason the public Tog list
> shouldn't be a Google Group?
> personally, I think it would be much easier to manage - it certainly
> would require less maintenance. and above all else, the most
> important thing of all - it'd stop wreckin mah head!!
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