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On 2012/03/17 12:12, Sean Nicholls wrote:
> Guys,
> Am I really the only one banging his head off the current mailing list format? 

> * It's not easily searchable

It is browseable though.


And if you can't find what you are looking for there, look harder. There
isn't so much email on this list that you have to look very hard.

> * I feel like I'm missing out on some discussions until after they've happened

Are you reading your email?

> * Maybe I'm just thick as mud but replying to individual threads is not easy; I have to manually copy & paste the subject, sender and list addresses and hope that it all goes well. Just look at the Mobile App thread, it ended up putting replies at the root for apparently no reason.

Get a better mail client. Mailing lists have existed for a long time and
seem to fit a large number of communities just fine.

> * the current web interface leaves a lot to be desired

Make a new one, but a mailiing list is email based and the web interface
isn't a key feature.

> I've noticed that 091 Labs, Nexus Cork and Limerick Hackerspaces all use Google Groups. Is there any particular reason the public Tog list shouldn't be a Google Group?

I'm willing to bet a lot of us do not like Google. A mailing list is
something we can manage ourselves and tailor to our own needs and not
what Google thinks is our needs. I will fight tooth and nail to not see
us host ANYTHING with Google. Google and their controversial approach
to privacy can @#%$ *&%

I know members of Tog who have gone out of their way to unhinge their
communications from Google and I am very sure they will not want to have
to deal with Google groups for the Tog MAILING LIST.

Just the other day Google have again come under scrutiny for trying to
bypass the Safari browser privacy settings on the end user. And people
want to entrust Google with their data? Thanks but no thanks. I'm really
trying to leave out more expletives here.

I have had some problems in the past with how people use the mailing
list but over time it's gotten better and or people have learned not to
email me and the mailing list back at the same time.

> personally, I think it would be much easier to manage - it certainly would require less maintenance. and above all else, the most important thing of all - it'd stop wreckin mah head!!

You don't manage the mailing list. What less maintenance? For you? Wtf
do you have to copy the "bits" as you said above? What kind of retarded
mail client are you using?

With a mailing list everyone has the same level of access REGARDLESS of
what email provider they use. Google discriminate bsaed on whether or
not you have a Gmail account:


I have had problems with this for some groups I was a member of. So if
you need a Gmail account to use Google Groups fully you are basically 
asking that everyone register a Gmail account just so we can use what 
you think is a better idea. G'luck with that.

I'd like to point out that without a Google account you can't use the
Googe Groups web interface. How convenient.

"The following Google Groups tasks require a Google Account:

    * Creating and managing your own Google Group.
		* Posting to a group using the web interface.
		* Subscribing to a Usenet newsgroup and receiving posts
		* through email.
		* Joining a Google Group using the web interface.
		* Changing your subscription type.
		* Reading a restricted group's posts online."


> - Sean
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