[tog] Google Groups

Sean Nicholls seannicholls at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 12:12:13 GMT 2012


Am I really the only one banging his head off the current mailing list format? 

* It's not easily searchable

* I feel like I'm missing out on some discussions until after they've happened

* Maybe I'm just thick as mud but replying to individual threads is not easy; I have to manually copy & paste the subject, sender and list addresses and hope that it all goes well. Just look at the Mobile App thread, it ended up putting replies at the root for apparently no reason.

* the current web interface leaves a lot to be desired

I've noticed that 091 Labs, Nexus Cork and Limerick Hackerspaces all use Google Groups. Is there any particular reason the public Tog list shouldn't be a Google Group?

personally, I think it would be much easier to manage - it certainly would require less maintenance. and above all else, the most important thing of all - it'd stop wreckin mah head!!

- Sean

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