[tog] Advice for Polish hacker collective

james at entropylabs.eu james at entropylabs.eu
Tue Mar 13 18:57:49 GMT 2012

Hi folks,
     My friend and former colleague Tomek has moved back to Poland, and 
wants to get the ball rolling there with a "hackfest".
He emailed me for advice, so I thought I'd pass this on to the group, 
as some of you have a lot more experience organizing events than I.
Here is the email:

>Hi James,
>I hope you're doing well!
>We have moved back to Poland and there is quite active group of
>Linux/Open Source guys here (that I've joined of course!). They are
>currently thinking about organising a "hackfest" - an idea that
>sounded very similar to TOG. None of us have experience, so I though
>that maybe you would be available for a Skype call and share some of
>your TOG experience?
>Let me know, if you could spare some of your time .

Can anyone give some pointers about how to get the ball rolling, do's 
and don'ts etc... ?

     Maybe you can give the guys a quick description of what you are 
Are you organizing a particular event (like a hackfest/hackathon), or a 
more permanent club/group like TOG?


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