[tog] Tog Mobile App (UPDATE)

Sean Nicholls seannicholls at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 19:31:09 GMT 2012

Hi All,

So long story short, I stayed awake for 30hrs straight, and with a invaluable little help of some of you, and got the majority of the App built!

* Photo Gallery will fetch the last 10 uploaded photos (the title is petty useless, but it's there)

* Twitter API - will read a users timeline or get the users list (including last tweet) of any person on a twitter list

* Feedback form - this needs some fixing, but the basic functionality is there.

* Space status (open/closed) - its there and I think it works, but I will move it to JSON as soon as possible.

* All built into a cross platform C# library which can be imported into any project, not just MonoTouch/MonoDroid!

* Separate projects for Android and iOS, WP7 to come later (maybe)

* A git repository for your open source pleasure. I haven't settled on a license, suggestions welcome.

All that is really missing is the UI hooks to make it look pretty. Much of the iOS views are at least partially built.

There are of course some improvements to be made such as: 

1). the space open/close check is not using the Hacker API yet since JSON is not clear cut on Mono

2). A lot of the existing UI code is basically just hacked together because Mono was being painfully un-cooperative in the final hours of the Hack day and I was already delirious on caffeine and lack of sleep. I recall some mention of Unicorns for some reason.

thats it for this update, you can get a copy for yourself here:


I will continue development until we have a decent enough version 1 product that it warrants me investing in MonoTouch (would be nice if Xamarian would just give the hacker space a license for being awesome, hint hint) so we can test it on some members, then put it in the app stores.


A very tired, Sean.
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