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Thanks Sean. I can definitely understand your caution in approaching
augmented reality especially seeing as it is so new. Leaving augmented
reality for the 2.0 would also give you a bit more time to see what formats
and apps are working out the best. There are many fantastic things coming
out now for AR and the race is on between companies to be "THE" AR company.
For example:
Of AR companies/packages the ones that I know of are Junaio/Metaio, Layar,
Qualcomm, Aurasma, String and ARtoolkit
I'm sad the unity route isn't being pursued as it allows the greatest
amount of freedom and creation with AR but seeing as I havent had a chance
myself to get a grips with the software I can't make a fair judgement. Best
of luck with all the other features though.
With regards doing some artwork for the TOG app I would be up for it but my
only problem is that my hands are tied for the next 2 and a half months
with college work as its my final year. Drop me a line when I'm an
unemployed graduate and I'm sure I could help out. Although I do warn you
that I do not have much design skills as I do Fine Art. Anyway! I'll
continue watching this message thread for interesting things

On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 11:28 AM, Sean Nicholls <seannicholls at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi Kevin,
> I've CC'd this onto the Tog list just so others can comment.
> First things first, I think I should just put it out there that I think
> that Augmented reality features should probably be better left for an
> update or version 2.0 or whatever, simply because it adds an extra layer of
> complexity without an immediate return on time invested - augmented reality
> can be very tricky stuff!
> But onwards and upwards.
> I was thinking of perhaps using the Layar player API (
> http://www.layar.com/development/). Alternatively, if we were to go with
> the Unity route (unlikely) there are some Augmented Reality libraries for
> that too.
> I dont know much (anything!) about Junaio, but I'll have a look at it.
> In any case, I think using existing libraries/tools would be the best
> option. I really dont want to spend 6 months rolling my own Augmented
> reality library when there are bigger, better solutions already made by
> people far more invested in the tech than I.
> Kevin, if you're into the art side of things, there was talk about getting
> some artwork done for the app - I suppose a Tog logo, screen mockups etc.
> would be what we're looking for. I will do it otherwise, but if you'd like
> to add to that part of the process, I think it'd help a lot.
> - Sean
> On 2 Mar 2012, at 11:05, kevin nally wrote:
> Hey Sean, Im really interested in the "augmented reality?" part. I've been
> working on augmented reality as part of my final year college project (art
> college so not much technical expertise here) and would love any
> oppurtunity to continue working with the medium. Although I may not have
> coding know-how I do have experience and ideas as well as some 3d modelling
> skills.
> Up until now I've been using a software called Junaio, do you have ideas
> on how you would go about creating the augmented reality aspect for this
> app? I know there are a few different applications atm that offer augmented
> reality.
> If you are having any further talks please keep me informed.
> regards
> Kevin
> 2012/3/2 Sean Nicholls <seannicholls at gmail.com>
>> Oh, of course it'll be open source! I thought I mentioned that last
>> night, but I must've just forgotten. To be an "official" Tog app, I think
>> your right, it would have to be absolutely essential that the code was open
>> source. I'll be putting it on GitHub or something similar.
>> Re: Tech
>> I haven't decided on what tech to use yet, part of the goal is to get it
>> on the three main App stores (Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7). So what I'm
>> currently thinking is:
>> 1. Each app built in the native environment (time prohibitive,
>> "expensive" in terms of expertise, maintenance etc), but useful for fellow
>> hackers wanting to see the internals of the same functionality/app on
>> different OS's.
>> 2. A web app (I am against this for various reasons, namely: no app store
>> presence; poor performance, no device specific features, internet required
>> etc.)
>> 3. A cross platform tool such as Unity or MonoTouch.
>> I am currently leaning towards option #3 as it provides a single language
>> for all platforms, making updates and maintenance much more likely. Unity
>> is not a platform built for apps per se, but it can be done. MonoTouch
>> costs about 800eur and I haven't invested in that toolchain yet (unlike
>> Unity).
>> I haven't got any experience with Phone Gap, but I'll look into it. I'm
>> somewhat suspicious about the whole HTML5 -> Native App development trend
>> that's kicked off recently. There's a lot of copycats. Looking at the
>> pricing model - I'm already pretty much against it. A subscription model
>> for a toolchain? I'm not sold. It takes a lot of control out of your hands
>> - what if the build service or your internet is down? you're screwed.
>> tl;dr tech will probably end up being C#, using Mono(Touch/Android) and a
>> separate WP7 project which reuses code/classes etc.
>> I think a Calendar, Contact form and a "Find my local hackerspace"
>> features are great, I'll add them to the list.
>> I think some of these features will require a little change to Tog.ie -
>> namely RSS feeds, which as far as I can tell are entirely missing from the
>> site. If there was an RSS feed for blog posts, TOG status etc. I think that
>> would help a lot.
>> - Sean
>> On 2 Mar 2012, at 08:50, Jeffrey Roe wrote:
>> I think its a great idea . And thanks for coming forward with it .
>> We could also have the calendar , a contact form , maybe a find me a
>> hackerspace map thing where it shows you your nearest space .
>> To be an official app , I think the sourse would have to be open and
>> reviewed . We don't want people saying that the tog app records their calls
>> or something .
>> What are you thinking of using phone gap ?
>> Regards,
>> Jeffrey Roe
>> On 2 Mar 2012 00:57, "Sean Nicholls" <seannicholls at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> So one of the things that I "do" is make mobile apps, for Android, iOS,
>>> Windows Phone 7 etc.
>>> I was thinking about making a Tog mobile app. Why an app for Tog? well,
>>> beyond the whole "why the hell not" reason, which is pretty damn good if
>>> you ask me, I think it could do no harm in getting the word out. It'd also
>>> be an exercise for myself in making an app which spans all of the major
>>> smart phone app market places at once. Additionally, it could add some nice
>>> features which would be useful to members.
>>> Obviously, I don't want to do this unilaterally and would like some
>>> input if people are up for such a thing, or if anyone would be against such
>>> a thing etc.
>>> I was thinking at least for version one that it would have:
>>> * Google Map of Tog, possibly routes to public transport to get to Tog
>>> * Tog is Open/Closed
>>> * Tog Gallery (photos from the Tog.ie) gallery
>>> * any other cool ideas people come up with (Augmented reality?)
>>> I don't know what the deal is with *other* hacker spaces having their
>>> own apps or not, but I think it'd be a cool thing to have.
>>> So what do you guys think?
>>> - Sean
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