[tog] Tog Mobile App

Oisin Hurley oisin.hurley at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 17:14:23 GMT 2012

> I'd be fairly adamant that any app should follow the design convetions
> for each platform.

Certainly that should be true for all apps that are aiming to be published
in an app store where such restrictions exist, and are aimed at maximizing
user take-up.

> Also why support WP7 when all the latest figures show it at less than
> 1% market share? It would be worth supporting if it was an open
> platform but as it stands its even more restrictive than developing
> for iOS.

This point was addressed, indirectly, in a previous mail in this thread. It's
because the individual who wants to build the tog app is motivated to build
it on WP7 :)

I know in my business I wouldn't bother delivering an app on WP7 unless
I was paid for my time to do it, but this here is an open source, volunteer
project, where the question of 'support' in the classic software sense does
not arise, and which delivers value in different ways to a commercial one.


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