[tog] Tog Mobile App

Noel Bourke cros13 at cros13.net
Fri Mar 2 16:45:47 GMT 2012

I'd be fairly adamant that any app should follow the design convetions
for each platform.

Android Design Guidelines:

iOS Design Guidelines:

Also why support WP7 when all the latest figures show it at less than
1% market share? It would be worth supporting if it was an open
platform but as it stands its even more restrictive than developing
for iOS.

2012/3/2 John O'Leary <oleary321 at hotmail.com>:
> Brilliant idea. Would definitely get the word out about TOG.
> There also should be an "About " Section in the app describing TOG, TOG
> activities etc.
> Maybe TOG should host an Mobile Development talk (hopefully Android >.<)
> soon.
> Or even when the app is completed and if it is open source, maybe there
> should be a talk on the actual code describing how stuff is done.
> Good luck guys!
> John
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