[tog] Tog Mobile App

Oisin Hurley oisin.hurley at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 11:31:19 GMT 2012

>> These apps are HTML5/Javascript things that live in a webview (or
>> mini-browser), inside a native 'shell'.
> This concerns me. Apple is known for ejecting apps that do not make use of the device. Furthermore, you are limited by what
> native capabilities you can make use of, and performance does get a hit.

The next paragraph is not attempting to push you down the
cross-platform road here - just hopefully adding some clarity for the
other readers. As always this comes under the rules of volunteerism,
you volunteer to do it, it's your time, so you get to make the call :)

Just to answer some of your concerns - if the proposed app has use of
the location services, then it will be making use of the device; you
are limited by native capabilities you can make use of, but of course
the spec for the app would make that decision rather than it just
being speculative; performance does get a hit, once again a tog app
might not necessarily need screaming fast 2D graphics :

> As an aside, I personally have more experience writing apps in C# and/or Objective-C, so I would prefer to use those >technologies just so we can get a better quality app out. I've done a lot of web design etc, but have not used HTML5 in the ?>context of web design, and when working with what you dont know, there is always room for error.


> I would much prefer C#.


> I have experience making graphics for mobile apps, so we're okay there. If we can get someone who wants to dedicate their >time specifically to that, then great, but in the meantime I'm happy to draw some mockups, which we can discuss pros/cons of >etc.

Great stuff :)


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