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Jeffrey Roe tdr112 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 08:50:14 GMT 2012

I think its a great idea . And thanks for coming forward with it .

We could also have the calendar , a contact form , maybe a find me a
hackerspace map thing where it shows you your nearest space .

To be an official app , I think the sourse would have to be open and
reviewed . We don't want people saying that the tog app records their calls
or something .

What are you thinking of using phone gap ?

Jeffrey Roe
On 2 Mar 2012 00:57, "Sean Nicholls" <seannicholls at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> So one of the things that I "do" is make mobile apps, for Android, iOS,
> Windows Phone 7 etc.
> I was thinking about making a Tog mobile app. Why an app for Tog? well,
> beyond the whole "why the hell not" reason, which is pretty damn good if
> you ask me, I think it could do no harm in getting the word out. It'd also
> be an exercise for myself in making an app which spans all of the major
> smart phone app market places at once. Additionally, it could add some nice
> features which would be useful to members.
> Obviously, I don't want to do this unilaterally and would like some input
> if people are up for such a thing, or if anyone would be against such a
> thing etc.
> I was thinking at least for version one that it would have:
> * Google Map of Tog, possibly routes to public transport to get to Tog
> * Tog is Open/Closed
> * Tog Gallery (photos from the Tog.ie) gallery
> * any other cool ideas people come up with (Augmented reality?)
> I don't know what the deal is with *other* hacker spaces having their own
> apps or not, but I think it'd be a cool thing to have.
> So what do you guys think?
> - Sean
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