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Sat Jul 7 10:39:05 IST 2012

Hi Jeffrey,

I saw in Science Gallery calendar that you have that event, it seems really cool - as I will be in SG then, I was thinking to drop by. 
It is great that you would be able to help later, project definitely needs more people, especially with hacking/electronic skills. Anyone else from this list is more than welcome to join (after your BBQ party :).First two days we will just have seminars and presentations of the projects and on 13th we will start with actual work on them that will last until 25th. 

See you soon and looking forward to hacking together,
Martina Kalogjera

On Jul 6, 2012, at 10:27 AM, Jeffrey Roe wrote:

> Hello Martina,
> It sounds like a great project. Unfortunately I am too busy with
> Dublin Mini Makerfaire until the 15th. If you need a hand after that I
> would be happy to help.
> Jeffrey Roe,
> www.tog.ie
> On Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 10:22 AM, medikids at wowm.org <medikids at wowm.org> wrote:
>> Hi TOG hackerspace members!
>> As you maybe know, Science Gallery is organizing event called Hack the city
>> (http://sciencegallery.com/node/4287).
>> From 11th of July until 26th of July there will be a workshop where we will
>> be developing 6 projects.
>> I am Martina, student from Zagreb and author of one of the projects and I
>> need colaborators who are free during that period (not necessarly whole two
>> weeks, as long as you want) to join me and help realizing the project.
>> Official opening is July 11th and that night is also welcome reception at
>> Science Gallery - it would be nice to meet you there.
>> Now about the project:
>> 'Thank you for recycling' is about drawing attention to the recycling habits
>> by hacking recycling bins and converting them into public art installations.
>> We are going to put a few of these recycling bins (for paper, plastic,
>> glass, bio degradable material..) in the public area, somewhere as close as
>> possible to the heart of Dublin. Each bin will have sensors for the waste
>> which will count total amount of it by the end of the day. During the night,
>> the bin will visualize output of its sensor on a display which will cover
>> part of its surface. Display will be formed of modules of layered glass, led
>> lights and photovoltaic solar cells which will absorb energy from the sun
>> during the day. We will decide how to represent this data in creative and
>> customizable ways and decide about design and other details of
>> implementation. Also, there is a possibility to use datasets of recycling
>> quantities of the city and to visualize them on led displays and on the web
>> page that will accompany the project together with the information about
>> recycling bins. The whole project itself will be good for environment
>> combining both renewable energy sources and recycling while at the same time
>> will be amazing public art sculpture and real time visualization of "good
>> citizens' deeds".
>> And more details about this and other projects:
>> http://medialab-prado.es/article/interactivos12_dublin_hackear_la_ciudad_necesidades_actuales_y_futuras
>> (it might open in spanish, so just change the language)
>> of course, if you're interested in other projects also, you can join and
>> help on any project you want.
>> My project is open to your ideas - all about design and implementation can
>> be modified as we decide.
>> We will have workspace for our team (table and chairs, power access point
>> and wifi in science gallery, access to soldering irons etc needed for
>> electronics)
>> technical materials for recycling hack including: flexible solar cell, micro
>> controller (lightduino), batteries and charger, LED light fixtures/strips,
>> LED drivers M5451, PING ultrasonic sensor, resitors, condensers,
>> breadboards, Seven Segment Displays, shifter,1 x Bin.
>> And lot of fun of course!
>> So if you are interested, please apply as a collaborator on this page:
>> http://medialab-prado.es/article/interactivos_dublin_call_collaborators
>> and we also have forum:
>> http://servidor.medialab-prado.es/~foros/punbb-1.4.1/viewforum.php?id=28
>> and my topic:
>> http://servidor.medialab-prado.es/~foros/punbb-1.4.1/viewtopic.php?id=32911
>> As you can see I have just one collaborator applied for now so it would be
>> good to have more hackers, diy electronic enthusiasts, and anyone
>> interested.
>> I think our 'trash team' will have a great time there! :)
>> Thanks for reading this and hope somebody will join me soon in Dublin,
>> Martina Kalogjera
>> (if I forgot to mention some details, just ask)
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