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Steambox Team steambox at imoca.ie
Wed Jul 4 20:50:40 IST 2012

Steambox is a research centre for Studies in Technological and Experimental
Arts and Media, developed by the Irish Museum of Contemporary Art. It is
IMOCA's first fully independent facility. Besides two galleries, a video
room and a common room, we are currently building fitting out rooms of
studios for which we are accepting applications. Each floor will have its
own little lounge, kitchenette and toilets. If you or someone you know is
looking for a studio, we are now taking applications.  All practices
welcome to apply, but special consideration will be made for recent grads
and digital/tech/electronic arts.  To that end we are currently working
with UPC to establish a high-speed 100mb wifi connection and will steadily
build up a library of equipment. If interested please apply at
steambox at imoca.ie, or stop by this Friday from 12pm on for a visit and hang
out for some drinks and BBQ.

The Steambox Team
School Street, Dublin 8

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