[tog] need advice. Samsung tablet or Ipad? (for research, not fun :D )

Liam Michael O Sullivan lmosulli at tcd.ie
Fri Jan 6 11:33:17 GMT 2012

Some good advice from the list there. I'd just add that is really easy
to port your Processing sketches to Android from within the Processing
Development Environment. Once you have the ADK installed, you can run
your sketches on an Android emulator or directly on an Android device.
There are a few little tricks involved, but I was surprised how simple
it was. Not all Processing libraries will work yet, but support is
growing all the time. A good tutorial is at:


One massive problem with Android, though, is the horrendous audio
latency (up to 45ms) so that's something to be aware of (in contrast
the iPad2/iOS has great audio performance). Audio is tricky to deal
with via the Processing route, but there is a Pure Data library-
haven't used this myself yet though. Some discussions here:


On the hardware side, I develop musical controllers on an Asus
Transformer and am really pleased with it overall (apart from the
audio issue).Would like to get the new version mentioned earlier- the
Prime- as it's spec even outstrips the iPad on paper (4 processors!).

Best of luck with it- be sure to post a link to the project when you've done.


2012/1/5 kevin nally <zombiekirby1990 at gmail.com>:
> Hey guys I thought someone might have some knowledge on this matter, your
> opinions please
> I'm a graduating student in NCAD working with Augmented Reality and as part
> of that I am planning to work tablet devices to display my work. To support
> my work my tutor is considering  buying a tablet for the department so that
> other students in the future can make use of it. Myself, I'm hoping to use
> an SDK of a mobile augmented reality software called Metaio. (though I am
> hoping for online tutorials and good online community as I have no
> experience coding)
> The department is a Fine Art Media course so no one would have any formal
> classes in coding and generally any that do program use a simple format
> called Processing. What I am asking is whether I should suggest an android
> tablet or ipad for the department? Which one of those would be the easiest
> to work with. (considering registering to be a developer, online support
> etc.)
> thanks for reading
> regards
> Kevin
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