[tog] tomorrow open?

Schrodinger schrodinger at konundrum.org
Tue Feb 14 13:40:14 GMT 2012

Hello Clauz,

More than welcome to Tog!

We're open "every day" :) It's just about when someone will be in the
space. You can check the website to see if someone has marked the space
as OPEN, this system is currently in beta testing so "Your mileage may
vary" as we say here.

You could email the mailing list tomorrow, check the webstie, check on
IRC or phone the space to see if anyone is in at that time. A lot of us
are working and/or in college so the space isn't used as much as we
would prefer during the day but someone is usually there in the

I'd be very interested to talk to you about the ninux project. I guess I
will see you tomorrow evening.  :)

Kind regards,

On 2012/02/14 12:22, Clauz wrote:
> Hi.
> I come from Rome, where I am an active member of the ninux.org wireless
> community network [0][1], and I am new to this list and to Dublin.
> Is the hackerspace going to be open tomorrow night (I read on the
> website that Wednesday is the "Computing/Programming/Networking" night)?
> ciao!
> Clauz
> [0] http://map.ninux.org/
> [1] http://blog.ninux.org/
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