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Mark Cantwell mark at itison.net
Fri Feb 10 16:20:14 GMT 2012


points taken.

unfortunately i'm stuck in Kilkenny, so won't be at the protest tomorrow.
i do hope there are broad spectrums of people there.

and some clever signs!


On 10 Feb 2012, at 16:07, Schrodinger wrote:

> On 2012/02/10 15:45, Mark Cantwell wrote:
>> I think your point about young protesters while somewhat valid is a bit off the mark.
>> protest movements in general are destroyed by this type of aloof criticism,
> I didn't realise I had such a power :) Maybe there would be more change
> if one persons opinion didn't "destroy" protest movements so easily.
> Then again it was raining.
>> but I see it is of interest to you for privacy reasons..  good.. but censorship is the bigger issue here.
> That's a presumption but then again I didn't go into my full range of
> concerns so you could only work with the information you had. We should
> chat about it futher off the mailing list but I have a large range of
> concerns not just privacy but yes censorship, technical structure,
> security and a lot more that is ignored.
>> it is good that you engaged with these "troubled youths"
> This was intentionally in quotes because it is a quote from one of the
> flyers I was handed. I was being told, through "documentation" what the
> "only" way to deal with ACTA was that we "need a troubled youth to fight
> against this" - really? That's the only way we can fight this?
> Sounds more like an attempt to rally the impressionable, slap an
> Anonymous picture on the bottom and bang - Marketting.
>> be the way.. in the general sense of protest in Ireland.. the SWP does show up and
>> often alienate people..  true.. but ignore them... 
>> they dominate because people have preconceived notions about protestors and sit on the fence..
>> Ireland has a growing trend of a 'what good would that do?' attitude and people crib and complain but
>> excuse themselves from any banding together..
>> at art of war has surely worked here..  :(
> At least whoever is winning read a book.
>> get in there.. engage.. put you political differences aside.
> What do you think I was doing last week? I got right in there and I did
> engage folks, I am engaging the government and I am doing it in a more
> intellectual manner than "I want porn, K? Thx, bai"
> Congratuations to the folk that made those banners, you win one
> Internet.
> See you tomorrow at the protest or in Tog at 12:00.
> Kind regards,
> Conor.
>> M
>> On 10 Feb 2012, at 15:17, Schrodinger wrote:
>>> Sigh.
>>> This mailing list is reserved for Tog Hackerspace information and
>>> announcements. Please keep it that way.
>>> Now, since you've already opened the door to SPAM I cannot help but step
>>> inside and my apologies to all your inboxes. Please feel free to delete
>>> this email and not exepct any further unsolicited email from me.
>>> <rant>
>>> I was at the protest last week and I hope to god this the protest this
>>> week has people who actually know WHAT THE HELL ACTA IS AND WHAT IS
>>> Last weeks protest was mostly uneducated children looking to project
>>> their teenage angst towards the government but without knowing what it
>>> was they were disagreeing with. But told to chant and shout and the free
>>> thinkers of this country all fall in line.... 
>>> Next to these bright "troubled youths" was recruitment for the Socialist 
>>> Party. These were adults out chanting and protesting their digust at how 
>>> this "facist" government was bringing in this ACTA agreement. They 
>>> hadned out fliers as you expect from many people at a protest. However, 
>>> and maybe I'm a bit more pedantic than most people, I expect those 
>>> handing out the flyers to explain to me what the information is trying 
>>> to tell me and if I am confused they can tell me why I need to be 
>>> concerned with ACTA. No such luck. In fact I was being asked to explain 
>>> to the people handing me the flyer what ACTA was, where it came from, 
>>> how it affected us and in the end myself and another member of Tog 
>>> started handing out copies of the ACTA agreement to the people who were 
>>> distributing flyers to the masses of free thinkers.
>>> *cuckoo*cuckoo*
>>> A few free thinkers started chanting about how "We won't let them get
>>> away with this" So curiousity struck me, "How are we going to stop
>>> them?" I asked. And I kid you not the answer was "DDoS"
>>> <insert laughter, disgust and murderous rage>
>>> So this is their plan. To react to ACTA, which in a sense could be
>>> classified as a denial of service - they respond with a denial of
>>> service. To which I continue to debate the finers points of how a DDoS
>>> affects much larger groups of people and the Internet in general - hmmm,
>>> much like ACTA could, no? Maybe I'm just silly and I don't know anything
>>> at all about this kind of thing....
>>> Perhaps I think it's a stupid way to argue that the government is
>>> "Trying to take away my porn" .... I _really_ _really_ would love to be
>>> making these things up but unfortunately I'm not. The group spoke about 
>>> - Bit torrent
>>> - Content
>>> - Downloads
>>> - Media
>>> - Piracy
>>> - Porn
>>> - Privacy
>>> I'm glad they got to Privacy although it did come last like some after
>>> thought when they were running out of topics and breath, I can't argue
>>> though Privacy would come last if they were doing it alphabetically.
>>> </rant>
>>> I probably should have done this at the start but I would ask that
>>> people do show up to the protest for two reasons.
>>> 1. Make up the numbers if you're unhappy with ACTA. Get out and march
>>> for 30 minutes. I know I know, nerds and rain - doens't always mix well
>>> but give it a try.
>>> 2. Be the educated voice. Show that the people who are unhappy with the
>>> ACTA decision are not just pissed off troglodytes who are just working
>>> up the hunger before heading off to Burger King to socre their best
>>> mate.
>>> Apologies for the excessive use of sarcasm (I spelt it right this time)
>>> but sometimes I guess it's useful.... <~sarcasm />
>>> Conor.
>>> On 2012/02/10 14:20, Mark Cantwell wrote:
>>>>  STOP [1]#ACTA [2]http://itison.net/ [3]http://itison.tv/ [4]#copyfight[5]#censorship [6]http://killacta.org/#code email
>>>>  politicians, put on your own sites..
>>>>  On 10 Feb 2012, at 13:33, Marita Finnegan wrote:
>>>>    Please remember the protest march tomorrow;
>>>>    Saturday, 11 February 2012
>>>>    * 13:00 until 18:30 from Garden of Rememberance
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