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Mark Cantwell mark at itison.net
Fri Feb 10 15:45:53 GMT 2012

I don't see it as SPAM..
I was providing a link where people can put a form on their sites
to email MEPs... I think this is useful and presume it is of interest to many
people in hacker spaces..
besides.. it was in response to a reminder about the protest tomorrow.

more useful Anti ACTA SPAM...

a nice flyer perhaps


I think your point about young protesters while somewhat valid is a bit off the mark.

protest movements in general are destroyed by this type of aloof criticism,
but I see it is of interest to you for privacy reasons..  good.. but censorship is the bigger issue here.

it is good that you engaged with these "troubled youths"

be the way.. in the general sense of protest in Ireland.. the SWP does show up and
often alienate people..  true.. but ignore them... 

they dominate because people have preconceived notions about protestors and sit on the fence..
Ireland has a growing trend of a 'what good would that do?' attitude and people crib and complain but
excuse themselves from any banding together..

at art of war has surely worked here..  :(

get in there.. engage.. put you political differences aside.


On 10 Feb 2012, at 15:17, Schrodinger wrote:

> Sigh.
> This mailing list is reserved for Tog Hackerspace information and
> announcements. Please keep it that way.
> Now, since you've already opened the door to SPAM I cannot help but step
> inside and my apologies to all your inboxes. Please feel free to delete
> this email and not exepct any further unsolicited email from me.
> <rant>
> I was at the protest last week and I hope to god this the protest this
> week has people who actually know WHAT THE HELL ACTA IS AND WHAT IS
> Last weeks protest was mostly uneducated children looking to project
> their teenage angst towards the government but without knowing what it
> was they were disagreeing with. But told to chant and shout and the free
> thinkers of this country all fall in line.... 
> Next to these bright "troubled youths" was recruitment for the Socialist 
> Party. These were adults out chanting and protesting their digust at how 
> this "facist" government was bringing in this ACTA agreement. They 
> hadned out fliers as you expect from many people at a protest. However, 
> and maybe I'm a bit more pedantic than most people, I expect those 
> handing out the flyers to explain to me what the information is trying 
> to tell me and if I am confused they can tell me why I need to be 
> concerned with ACTA. No such luck. In fact I was being asked to explain 
> to the people handing me the flyer what ACTA was, where it came from, 
> how it affected us and in the end myself and another member of Tog 
> started handing out copies of the ACTA agreement to the people who were 
> distributing flyers to the masses of free thinkers.
> *cuckoo*cuckoo*
> A few free thinkers started chanting about how "We won't let them get
> away with this" So curiousity struck me, "How are we going to stop
> them?" I asked. And I kid you not the answer was "DDoS"
> <insert laughter, disgust and murderous rage>
> So this is their plan. To react to ACTA, which in a sense could be
> classified as a denial of service - they respond with a denial of
> service. To which I continue to debate the finers points of how a DDoS
> affects much larger groups of people and the Internet in general - hmmm,
> much like ACTA could, no? Maybe I'm just silly and I don't know anything
> at all about this kind of thing....
> Perhaps I think it's a stupid way to argue that the government is
> "Trying to take away my porn" .... I _really_ _really_ would love to be
> making these things up but unfortunately I'm not. The group spoke about 
> - Bit torrent
> - Content
> - Downloads
> - Media
> - Piracy
> - Porn
> - Privacy
> I'm glad they got to Privacy although it did come last like some after
> thought when they were running out of topics and breath, I can't argue
> though Privacy would come last if they were doing it alphabetically.
> </rant>
> I probably should have done this at the start but I would ask that
> people do show up to the protest for two reasons.
> 1. Make up the numbers if you're unhappy with ACTA. Get out and march
> for 30 minutes. I know I know, nerds and rain - doens't always mix well
> but give it a try.
> 2. Be the educated voice. Show that the people who are unhappy with the
> ACTA decision are not just pissed off troglodytes who are just working
> up the hunger before heading off to Burger King to socre their best
> mate.
> Apologies for the excessive use of sarcasm (I spelt it right this time)
> but sometimes I guess it's useful.... <~sarcasm />
> Conor.
> On 2012/02/10 14:20, Mark Cantwell wrote:
>>   STOP [1]#ACTA [2]http://itison.net/ [3]http://itison.tv/ [4]#copyfight[5]#censorship [6]http://killacta.org/#code email
>>   politicians, put on your own sites..
>>   On 10 Feb 2012, at 13:33, Marita Finnegan wrote:
>>     Please remember the protest march tomorrow;
>>     Saturday, 11 February 2012
>>     * 13:00 until 18:30 from Garden of Rememberance
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