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Jules Fitzsimons fitzsij at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 22:11:17 GMT 2012

Is there a hazing ritual after the probationary 3 months?

*shifts seat nervously*

2012/2/8 Armin Haas <armin at awawa.de>

> Dear TOG members and non-members,,
> today, once again, at around 5pm, I stood in front of the locked gates
> of TOG.
> Of course, I did not literally stand at the gate, because I learned many
> weeks ago that calling before trying to visit TOG is a good idea. Still
> this is generating a lot of 'bad vibes' on my side, and not only 'since
> yesterday'.
> My 3rd trial month is not over yet. I knew of the '3 month rule'
> beforehand. What I completely misjudged is the number of times when
> there is noone in TOG to open the door for probationary members. And I
> am not talking 10am here, but late afternoon/early evening.
> I don't know what other probationary members think about a locked TOG,
> or what full members thought about that in the time they were not full
> members yet. For myself, the subject line says it all and it looks like
> TOG is trying to scare away prospective new members.
> (For those unfamiliar with the term, see the Léon Prunelle section in
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rogntudjuuu )
> I would like to get feedback, from full, probationary and also
> non-members. People in TOG keep organising open socials (even if
> sometimes the event gets to be an open antisocial) so the scaring-off of
> new people might be unintentional. And maybe I am the only one to see it
> that way.
> Apparently 'Computing Night' is on in a few minutes so I'll probably
> see some of you then.
> Cheers
> Armin
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