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Hi Armin
That is an incredibly childish reply.
I understand that you are annoyed that you had to wait outside.
I am a full member and don't believe I should be around all the time for new/provisional members.
Maybe if you become/choose to become a full member with keys you can stay around all day and be there for anyone who wants to come in and out when suits them.
I like a lot of the members have a job and cant be in TOG for certain times.

Also being childish and snotty in reply mails is hardly gonna make anyone want to go out of there way to help you out.

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Dear Chebe,

On Wed, Feb 08, 2012 at 08:29:01PM +0000, Chebe Geek wrote:
> But, tog is not an adult day-care, and it is not somewhere
> to go when nowhere else is open.

I owe you one. Without you I would still be under the impression that 
TOG is a place to hang out during the day and wait for the pubs to open, 
a place to crawl back to and continue drinking once
 all the pubs have 

All the other members of TOG, they thought, well, this Armin dude, he 
will see his mistake in his own time.

Enter Chebe. To the rescue.

You didn't let me waste my time, instead you showed me the error of my 
ways. There I was, thinking of offering classes like 'Haskell for 
Hoboes' to help the day crowd pass the time, or 'VHDL for Very Heavily 
Drunk Loiterers' for the night folks. While everyone but me knew there 
would be no such persons in TOG. At all.

So thank you again for being frank with me on that subject. I shall make 
good use of this new information and henceforth direct my efforts more 
towards the real abodes of my target audience.

Open skies, cake in the pantry and cheers


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