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Wed Feb 8 20:29:01 GMT 2012

Hey Armin,

First, let me state that what follows is simply my personal opinion and not
necessarily representative of tog consensus. Second, I wholeheartedly agree
that rules and practices should be reviewed from time to time, and if found
lacking changed. So thank you for bringing up this matter for discussion.

Now, it was made clear to you that the probation period is three months,
and that only after that time will you put forward for nomination to full
membership. (Please note, this is not automatic, not all probationary
members will progress to full member status.) The main reason for probation
as it is, is to guage the commitment of the applying member, while allowing
an opportunity for the group to get to know and *trust* the applying
member. The first and last person in the space have certain
responsibilities (for example, locking up, setting alarms, etc). I wouldn't
let someone I just met today lock up my house for me. It is similar for

(An aside, people can't just walk off the street into the space. There must
always be a member present to have opened up, and accompany that person
around. This is for their safety, and the security of the stuff left in

We clearly state the public open hours on the website. These are the hours
the space will be open. You may arrange with full members other times
outside of this, and this is encouraged. But, tog is not an adult day-care,
and it is not somewhere to go when nowhere else is open. It is for working
on projects. I do recognise that you are very active in this regard, but
there are other considerations. For example, there are expenses in having
the space open, mostly to do with heating (gas) and electricity. And while,
yes, your membership fee does go towards paying this, having it open/on
24/7 would be (I'm guessing) beyond the financial capabilities of the group
right now.

We have all gone through the frustration of the probationary period. And
yes, at times it can be very frustrating. But there is sound reasoning
behind it. I also do not believe that anyone should be given special
treatment and progressed to full membership (or the benefits of full
membership) before anyone else. We try to keep the process as fair as
possible. We (the full members) have all gone through it. No-one is
special, everyone is equal.

But again, if this process is no longer beneficial then I believe it should
undergo a review. Please continue to give us your views (everyone reading
this) on this to help make the decision. Hopefully it will be something we
can all live with :)

Yours sincerely,
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