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Armin Haas armin at awawa.de
Wed Feb 8 18:51:30 GMT 2012

Dear TOG members and non-members,,

today, once again, at around 5pm, I stood in front of the locked gates 
of TOG.

Of course, I did not literally stand at the gate, because I learned many 
weeks ago that calling before trying to visit TOG is a good idea. Still 
this is generating a lot of 'bad vibes' on my side, and not only 'since 

My 3rd trial month is not over yet. I knew of the '3 month rule' 
beforehand. What I completely misjudged is the number of times when 
there is noone in TOG to open the door for probationary members. And I 
am not talking 10am here, but late afternoon/early evening.

I don't know what other probationary members think about a locked TOG, 
or what full members thought about that in the time they were not full 
members yet. For myself, the subject line says it all and it looks like 
TOG is trying to scare away prospective new members.

(For those unfamiliar with the term, see the Léon Prunelle section in 
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rogntudjuuu )

I would like to get feedback, from full, probationary and also 
non-members. People in TOG keep organising open socials (even if 
sometimes the event gets to be an open antisocial) so the scaring-off of 
new people might be unintentional. And maybe I am the only one to see it 
that way.

Apparently 'Computing Night' is on in a few minutes so I'll probably 
see some of you then.


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