[tog] Looking for HV transformer

digi hobo hontar at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 10:46:16 IST 2012

Hi David,

We have a spare arcade crt that I'd like to put into our 3rd mame cabinet
as that third cabinets monitor seems to be on the way out. It appears to be
bleeding green.
That one has a fly back and can do high voltage if the warning is anything
to go by. See attached for the wiring diagram of the wells gardner u2000.
I'm away at the moment but will be back in over a week.
Unless someone else in the space wants dibs on it, I don't see any problem
giving it away to such worthy a project?



On Tue, Aug 28, 2012 at 9:58 AM, marce <marce at posteo.net> wrote:

> Hi David
> That's sad, I have an old CRT in my cellar, there it's just a waste of
> space. Sad, cause the cellar is in Germany.
> I don't know much about tesla coils... how big are the items you need from
> the CRT?
> Cheers
> marce
> Am 28.08.2012 09:20 schrieb David Jordan:
>  Hi Toggers,
>> I'm making a tesla coil to light up the winter months.
>> I'll need a HV transformer from a neon sign or flyback from an old
>> TV,  few chunky transistors such as a 2N2222 and 5N55 and a voltage
>> regulator like a 7809
>> Does anyone have an old CRT lying around which I can harvest for its
>> organs? They're not so easy to come across these days.
>> Cheers
>> David
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