[tog] Storage space at TOG?

Eliane at Olivier Cornet Gallery eliane at oliviercornetgallery.com
Fri Aug 24 15:14:41 IST 2012

Dear TOG and members,

We're a small gallery in Exchange St Upper and good friends with the lads from Exchange next door to us.

We've recently purchased a ladder to reach our high ceiling and lights, but unfortunately it doesn't fit into our small space the way we thought it would!

Now we've been pointed in your direction as in storage space - would it be possible to store the ladder with you medium-long term? We only need it about twice per month usually, or when some lights blow out.
You'd of course be welcome to use it in your own space during that time, no problem.

Please let me know if that's something you'd consider. I can send on measurements and an image too, it's an aluminium ladder so pretty light and modern looking.

Thanks very much.

Kind regards,

Eliane Polek
Gallery Manager

Olivier Cornet Gallery
1 The Wooden Building
Exchange Street Upper
Temple Bar, Dublin 2

T: +353 1 677 0280
M: +353 85 7636 053
E: info at oliviercornetgallery.com
W: www.oliviercornetgallery.com

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