[tog] Looking for HV transformer

marce marce at posteo.net
Tue Aug 28 09:58:52 IST 2012

Hi David

That's sad, I have an old CRT in my cellar, there it's just a waste of 
space. Sad, cause the cellar is in Germany.
I don't know much about tesla coils... how big are the items you need 
from the CRT?


Am 28.08.2012 09:20 schrieb David Jordan:
> Hi Toggers,
> I'm making a tesla coil to light up the winter months.
> I'll need a HV transformer from a neon sign or flyback from an old
> TV,  few chunky transistors such as a 2N2222 and 5N55 and a voltage
> regulator like a 7809
> Does anyone have an old CRT lying around which I can harvest for its
> organs? They're not so easy to come across these days.
> Cheers
> David

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