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Billy Cussen billycussen0 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 16 23:16:06 IST 2012

Hi guys,
first off I want to apologize if you have received this email a few times. I sent a contact form to the site already so I'm not sure if I have or not.

I'm looking to enquire if any members of your organisation
would be able to help me with 2 college projects. These are based upon using an arduino uno micro-controller and Max-MSP
as a synthesis engine.

I'm in a bad way with both of these projects as they are due
next Friday and I have had nothing but technical/compatibility issues since I
started. Due to illness, I have not been able to start until recently. I am
looking for someone who could help me out and would have a good knowledge of
both areas that could guide/assist me through the project.

Any help I could get would be gratefully accepted. It will
be an intensive week of work so I must state I am quite willing to pay for the
help I receive. 


All the best,

Billy (who badly needs help!). 		 	   		  
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