[tog] UPDATE TO START TIME!! - Game Jam competition at Darklight.ie on Friday 24th August - 10am Friday 24th until 5pm Sunday 26th August.

Rose Farrell bloodedrose at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 18:15:25 IST 2012

Update to the GameJam event!

Just to let you know, the format for the contest has changed slightly.
(There will be an official announcement once we have the detailed sorted)
The Factory aren't happy with a load of people staying overnight in the
building (insurance and what-not) so everyone will have to leave at around
8 - 9pm each night. You can return at around 9am each morning. Teams are
welcome to work on their games overnight (because, in fairness, we can't
stop ye!)
The contest will officially end on Sunday evening now, instead of Sunday

The most significant change for contestants is that ye get an extra 10
hours to write your games and you can go home at night to sleep (if you

~ Rose

On 7 August 2012 10:16, Rose Farrell <bloodedrose at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey folks, there's going to be a GameJam contest on at the Darklight film
> festival this year. I hope some of you can take part! See belowfor tasty
> tasty details. The event should be going up on the Darklight site today,
> along with the rules and whatnot. If you've any questions or suggestions,
> get back to me anyway. :D*
> *~ Rose*
> Game Jam competition at Darklight.ie on Friday 24th August - 7pm until 7am
> Sunday 26th August.
> *
> *Have you ever wanted to make a computer game but don’t have the time?
> Just said to yourself “I bet it takes forever to design and write a game.”
> You don’t need forever. You only need a weekend and a few friends.*
> *This year Darklight is hosting our very first competitive GameJam event
> in the Factory, Barrow St, Dublin.
> *
> *A GameJam is a fixed amount of time where people, usually in teams come
> together in a shared space to make a game from start to finish.*
> *What can you make in 36 hours? Get together with your friends, with your
> workmates, with your college buddies. Collaborate. Create something.*
> *Anyone can get involved. Programmers, illustrators, musicians, artists,
> writers. If you are interested but don’t know anyone else who is up for it,
> get in touch with our lovely team coordinator at **Rosef.events at gmail.com*
> * and she’ll match you up with a team! *
> *For 36 hours teams will each work on building a game around a common
> theme. The theme is super secret and will only be revealed just before the
> competition starts! If you have a suggestion for what the theme could be,
> email it to **Rosef.events at gmail.com* <Rosef_events at gmail.com>
> *Games will be judged by a local, home-grown games company and a Fabulous
> Prize will be given to the winners!*
> *For more information on the GameJam concept check out **
> http://globalgamejam.org/* <http://globalgamejam.org/>
> *If you have any questions email: **Rosef.events at gmail.com*<Rosef_events at gmail.com>
> *F.A.Q will be up on the Darklight site soon!*
> *To enter email the name of at least one participant and the name of your
> team to** **Rosef/events at gmail.com* <Rosef_events at gmail.com>
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